edited2011_poster_1_revenue_variation2 Ruth Arellano;
I like this infographic because the colors draw the viewer in. It is not laid out in only a vertical or horizontal way, but the readers eye can jump easily from section to section. It is clear and purposeful.
info2.jpg Brian Lonsdale;
The use of type over image is very effective in this. It again draws the viewer in, and I like how the type fades to fit the image underneath it.
The use of hand lettering is very effective in this infographic. The design is clearly laid out, and brings the viewers eye down, letting him or her see the order in which to read things.
info4Jose Luis Soto;
The use of color and shape are strong in this.
info5Guillermo Munro;
The visual element is very strong in this, and the type doesn’t interfere with the photo, but fils well into it.
I found the color palette to be very strong in this infographic. There are a variety of different visuals in this that work well together.
I like how simple this infographic is, and the white fits well with the photo underneath. It is clean and neat looking, and the viewer won’t get distracted by looking at it.


It Stops with Me Campaign;
This is an effective campaign. The visuals are simple, but it asks the viewer to consider the campaign more than the design.



Jerimiah Brown;
I like the color palette in this one as well. The charts are design and constructed well, and look very beautiful.


Jing Zhang;
The illustrative elements in this one are very strong. They are colorful and draw the viewer in.



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