Social Issue Research

Textual Research: Define

  1. Qualitative data is not numerical. Quantitative data is measurable data.
  2. Infographics are information that is represented in a visual way. Data visualizations are shifted more towards quantitative data, primarily using digits and numbers.
  3. Data can be presented using text only, only visuals, or a combination of these. It can be presented on different forms and animated, turned into a poster, or a tangible object.


Look: Public Health/Social Issue

  1. A public health or social issue is an issue that affects people. It can often be controversial, with different and opposing sides. It asks the audience to act on it, or to change some part of their life in order for it to be effective.


  1. Something with reading…(v. screen) in schools?/literacy

  1. Human trafficking

  1. Arts programs/funding in schools

  1. Drunk driving

  1. Smoking

6. Women in sports





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