Coffee Shop Visits


This is one of my favorite coffee shops back home. The cafe’s focus is on healthful, organic beverages and treats. The coffee beverages are very unique, unlike drink choices I’ve seen anywhere else. I can get a drink such as a lavender latte, or an earl grey latte. The interior of the shop is very calming and open, and the color choices are reflective of the brand’s purpose and target audience of health conscious patrons. The cafe often has live bluegrass bands that play on Friday nights. Unfortunately, this shop doesn’t sell merchandise with the brand, but the takeout boxes for their food are very “granola, organic” looking, and a very cool visual takeaway from the cafe


The Purple Onion Cafe is another one of my hometown favorites when it comes to good coffee and a great cafe experience. This cafe is located in “Dinkytown” by the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and is primarily a college-aged coffee shop, with many of the customers being U of M students. Because of this, coffee is very reasonably priced, but quality of the coffee is still very much a focus here. The space in the shop lends itself well to college students wanting to study, and every wall is painted a different, earthy tone. There are large leather seats to sit and study and to drink one’s coffee in. The shop has cool black to-go cups.


And yet another Minneapolis coffee shop (but one that is worth the visit here). Spyhouse Coffee has a similar relaxing feel to the Purple Onion, but the interior is a bit more rustic. Whereas the Purple Onion is more focused on the comfort of its customers, Spyhouse is focused on the visual appeal of the shop’s interior. The coffee is just as delicious, however.





The Windy Saddle Cafe was a cafe I went to over break in Golden, Colorado. This cafe was Western-themed, and it was apparent that very tiny details about the cafe’s interior had been well thought out. There was even a “kids corner” to keep children entertained while their parents enjoyed their coffee. The coffee was reasonably priced, and I got a latte, which was quite good. The barista wanted to be very certain that she got my order right, and took the time to make sure I was satisfied with my drink. The shop sold “Windy Saddle” mugs.



Caffé Espresso was a coffee shop I went to while in Prague this summer. I can confidently say that this was the best coffee I have ever had in my life, and every other espresso drink had since then has been a letdown. The iced drinks were my favorite, although everything at the cafe was very good. The cafe was decorated in black and white, with pops of color (as well as colorful desserts such as macarons, and cakes.) By the time we left Prague, the shop owner knew us quite well, and always predicted what we would order. There were bars by the window that we could sit at to drink our coffee, and look out the window. It was a rather small shop, but every part of it seemed to serve a purpose for the customers.


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